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January 2013

Project X – So what’s it really like..?

So, Project X – we’ve all heard about it but what is it really like? Well to begin with I was fairly terrified. I returned from Honeymoon and walked in to the first session a day later, which, as anyone who has planned a wedding will know, was quite a shock to the system! I had a day to prepare my mood board – all about me and my life …Read More

A Project X Journey by Helen Stilwell

A PROJECT X JOURNEY Our first blog entry comes from Helen Stilwell. Helen has been a member of the Art Team for 2 years and is this year taking part in the Fellowship of Hairdressing’s exclusive “Project X”. Dubbed the finishing school of hairdressing, Helen is spending the year meeting industry peers, gaining experience from leading professionals in hairdressing and learning new skills and techniques. Hi, I’m Helen and very …Read More