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Fellowship Project X

S6 | At the Sassoon Academy….

Once again I’m at the Sassoon Academy. I love this place – it’s full of amazing mentors and happy people, which is infectious. I sat down, had a coffee and a good catch up with the other guys and Debbie G. Today we met one of London’s leading hair stylists, Josh Gibson. Josh graduated with distinction from the renowned hair brand, Sassoon, and has a growing reputation as a leading …Read More

S5 | A day with Vidal Sassoon………..

This one I was particularly looking forward to – a day working with Vidal Sassoon’s Mark Hayes.Our mentor for the day was Kai Wan from P.Kai. We had to make a mood board on what things in life influence our hairdressing. This is something I hated. All my hairdressing career I have listened to people say, “I looked at a building and it made me think of this hair cut”, …Read More

S4 | Short and brown………

Another session and another new look for my own tresses – this time short and brown – Project X is making me want to experiment all the time! By this point I was really starting to find myself and understand who I am and put that into my work. This session was highly motivational and made me finalise what is “my brand”. Branding yourself in our industry may not come …Read More

S3 | An amazing day that blew me away……..

After presenting my work on inspirations created by my favourite designer (British legend Stella McCartney – still waiting to get my first pair of shoes, best get saving!), Caroline Cox presented to us and she absolutely blew me away with her passion and knowledge. She researches the history of hair and fashion to predict trends and shared with us her unique understanding of the industry and what it takes to …Read More

S2 | Our photo shoot……….

Under the guidance of Sam Burnett and Tina Farey, winner of the British Hairdressing Award 2012, we worked in teams to create 60s inspired looks creating volume through bouncy waves and beehives. The shoot was such a success that magazines have enquired about using the images for the first time in Project X history, so watch this space! Behind the scenes at the Project X photoshoot  

S1 | All about trends………….

Hair extensions out and a fresh new look, I was ready! This session was about trends. We’d prepared mood boards on four key celebrity/catwalk looks which would influence SS13. Our guest speaker was RUSH’s Sam Burnett, he was truly inspirational and gave us loads of useful tips for working with long hair – after seeing his model I couldn’t wait to have a go and we created some real wow-factor …Read More

Project X – So what’s it really like..?

So, Project X – we’ve all heard about it but what is it really like? Well to begin with I was fairly terrified. I returned from Honeymoon and walked in to the first session a day later, which, as anyone who has planned a wedding will know, was quite a shock to the system! I had a day to prepare my mood board – all about me and my life …Read More

A Project X Journey by Helen Stilwell

A PROJECT X JOURNEY Our first blog entry comes from Helen Stilwell. Helen has been a member of the Art Team for 2 years and is this year taking part in the Fellowship of Hairdressing’s exclusive “Project X”. Dubbed the finishing school of hairdressing, Helen is spending the year meeting industry peers, gaining experience from leading professionals in hairdressing and learning new skills and techniques. Hi, I’m Helen and very …Read More