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Art Team present SS16 Trends

A couple of weeks ago our amazing Art Team were invited to attend a special Member’s Night in Manchester for the Fellowship of British Hairdressing. It was a sell-out event and the team enjoyed every second, presenting the new season trends and creating phenomenal looks on stage. Here’s how it was for them…

Helen says:

Well what an evening! First of all we felt very privileged to be asked to be part of such a great event, showcased at the Alan Howard Education Store in Stockport.

The aim of the evening was to bring more creative shows up to the North. Hopefully this will be a great starting point to drive this forward.

We were amongst some amazing hairdressers, some that I have been following for years.

Brontë, Louise and myself had 4 minutes to inspire the audience of about 40!

We came up with our theme – Trends of 2016. We felt passionate where the trend was going and confident to present this to our peers. We produced 4 models, 3 cuts and colours and one dressing of the hair.

We NAILED it as people say.

What a response, we had lots of interest in our look and the inspiration behind it. We were told we were the best of the night by far which, personally, I was a little overwhelmed by as we were up there with some amazing hairdressers.

I believe the key is never stop following your dream because one day it all starts to fall into place with hard work and determination.

Louise says:

Our evening on the Fellowship stage was great; a brilliant opportunity to showcase our work. Also a great chance to see what some of the other teams could do.

For us, our main focus point was all about texture, in the colour and styling. We used colours and textures that related to natural element, such as stone, minerals, sand stone coppers, jaded greens and colours you find in reptile scales.

All the models had a solid base to the cut or style but also had layers – like pieces of snake skin breaking through the surface!

All of the staff and other participants were welcoming and obviously very passionate about what they were doing. There was such a great atmosphere on and off stage. Loved it!

Bronte says:

Taking part in the Fellowship Member’s Night was a fantastic opportunity. It gave us a chance to showcase what we do as a company, and as an Art Team.

Our inspiration stemmed from a mood board we had come across whilst researching the up and coming looks for SS16. ‘Contrived skins’ was the title for our collection. The story behind the title revealed a fantasy world of vibrant colours and wild textures. We were also heavily inspired by animal skins, such as a snake shedding its old layer revealing new eye-catching scales.

We made sure that our collection was a mix of short texture cuts, raw and earthy colours and beautiful shiny hair.

It’s a collection we are very proud of and the looks we created perfectly displayed the story we were telling.

I think it is very important to make sure you do your research and know your story when presenting. Every time I present I gain so much from the experience and my confidence grows. Overall it was a great evening!


Here’s a little gallery from the night…


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