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RAW Tour with Sebastian CULT Team

Sebastian have launched the new Metamorphik products; Eruptek and Resintek.

These 2 new products are amazing and no other brand has anything like it! So Sebastian decided to launch them with a massive tour around the UK, showcasing them and showing the hair industry what they are all about, as well as giving stylists the chance to use them for themselves ahead of anyone else!

Myself and fellow CULT team member linZi were very excited to be chosen for the Manchester leg of the tour, with guests from across the Midlands and Northern regions attending over two full days.

Whilst working on the RAW Tour I assisted my mentor Dom Capel and loved every minute, it was great working with him and also getting the chance to share my CULT journey with the audience, some of the whom really want to follow in my steps to be on the CULT team themselves, whilst others didn’t even know about the team so it was great to introduce my experiences to them.

I met some very talented hairdressers and they loved the new Metamorphik products as much as myself which was great.

After assisting Dom on our model creating a Metamorphik look, it was now the stylists opportunity to showcase their work and show us their very own Metamorphik look with the information they had taken in and looks we had created already…

We had make-up artists and photographer at the ready and the images produced could be used to not only apply for the new CULT Team 2016 but also will be entered into a competition to work with Sebastian backstage at the incredible Trend Vision awards.

I had an amazing two days on the RAW tour, and hope I inspired people to apply for the new CULT team as I’ve had one hell of a journey … I quite honestly don’t want it to end

A few behind the scenes pics from the Tour – as you can see it was a hive of activity! Great event, thanks Sebastian!

image image1 image2 image3 image4 photo photo1

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