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The Sebastian CULT Team’s Biggest Task Yet!

London Fashion Week was fast approaching and our mentor wanted to put into action all the skills we have learnt over the past year and a half.

The CULT Team is coming to an end for us in December and we need to prove ourselves to the hair industry and make Dom proud. We’ve learnt such a lot from him and Rich, who we work alongside at Sebastian.

Wella hosted the LFW event at the Wella World Studios in London. For us, and all the amazing up and coming designers we’re collaborating with, it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work… Hairstylists of all levels will be coming to watch the event, and bloggers, journalists, trade press and other designers will all be sat in the audience. This is our time to shine and put into play everything we have learnt.

Dom paired us up… I’m with LinZi and we have 3 designers that we’ll be working with. We have all their contact details and we need to talk directly with the designers about what they are about, the likes, dislikes etc. and then myself and LinZi need to come up with the looks for the catwalk! This is a lot of pressure but we’re ready for the challenge and raring to go!!!

Six hours later our models were complete and were dressed and ready to take to the stage… With the audience seated and waiting it was time to showcase our work and for the designers to present their amazing garments!

The show went without a hitch, and the audience seemed impressed, it was now time for me to talk to the audience about what I had done and why, and information on the designers I worked with. I was first up, followed by the other CULT team members who did the same after me… I felt confident talking to the audience and passionate about our industry. I could tell I’ve grown so much since being on the CULT Team where a year and a half ago I was so scared when talking on stage!!

Dom finally grabbed the mic off me as I wouldn’t stop talking and it was over! I had done what I set out to do. I had created the hair for designers at a LFW Sebastian RAW Talent event, I spoke what I hope was confidently, clearly and passionately to a large audience and loved it – I couldn’t be prouder 🙂

There wasn’t much time for photos but here are a few snaps – and you can see the behind the scenes video on Professional Hairdresser here: http://professionalhairdresser.co.uk/inspiration/behind-the-scenes/behind-the-scenes-sebastian-professional-raw-event/


Jess xx


LFW RAWimage  image2


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